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18 September 2009 @ 09:58 pm
Back to Vallendar...  

This is the picture I took of him during our little date in the park at my last week in Japan when we made a little firework party. I worked a little bit on this picture with photoshop. Isn't it beautiful?

But come back to subject.

Since two days I have been back to Vallendar.

It was two wonderful weeks I have spent in Tokyo and I did not regret my decision to have shorten my internship period, given up on my old flight and bought a new ticket. Even though Junpei was bussy with his seminar preperation (which at the end it turned out that due to the swine influenca the workshop was canceled), dance competition and partime work, we could only meet for 2 or 3 hours a day, mostly during night time. But I have still had a great time, also with Hitomi, Shiori and all the other people.

I have been lazy of outting the pictures of these wonderful 4 months on livejournal, but I truely want to spend a day or two to do this. But not today... :)

When I returned back to Vallendar, everything was so empty and no one was there in the my old flat. I have never felt so alone before in my whole life. My best friend from my university is right now in Kanada and my mom did not came to my apartment like last year. I wrote him a long e-mail telling him that I arrived safely and that I miss him. And as I was too tired I felt a sleep. At night I was too tired to be too depressed, but in the morning when I woke up around 4 o'clock due to my jatlack, I could not bear the emptiness in my heart and started crying heavily. There is only one face I see in front of me the whole time... oh I miss him so much that my heart ached with every drop of my tears. After the burst out I felt a little bit better. I started cleaning up my luggage and closet. Around 6 o'clock in the morning I received my first e-mail from him telling me that he is now leaving for his flight to Seoul. It was just a short message encouraging me to give my best as I have finally returned to my normal life. I was a little bit disappointed about this short message. I therefore wrote him again that since we won't be talking for 10 days that he should write me something to encourage me to go on. And he wrote a beautiful message telling me that everything would be alright as we have us eachother in our hearts. After reading this message, I could not stop but crying again, this time more heavily. I picked up my mobile phone and called his number. He went on the phone. I could not hear him so clearly as the connectivity is really bad and he was also in the subway. It calmed me down to hear him but I did not know what to say... and started crying again. He heard me and told me now to cry. I agreed on that and told him that I will call again. After having hung up I cried even heavilier. Finally after around 10 min I calmed down and went on my daily rutine. Around 8 o'clock I called him again when he was waiting for his flight. I was in a much better mood then and just told him to take care in this journey.

After I went to school on that day I felt much better than. I started to remember the feeling of returning to the university and the 4 months in Tokyo full of friends, activity and love seemed to be so away and so long ago as if everything was a beautiful dream. I dream I will never ever forget...
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