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18 August 2009 @ 10:43 am
Another morning with nothing to do. I wonder if I am serious going to learn something in this internship. But yeah, at least I haven't been reading so many news articles, interviews and specialist reports for a long time. For a long time, I finally find myself back to knowing a little bit about what is happening in Germany and rest of the world. During the time back in Japan I have not done anything that sort, and kind of felt dumb when people suddenly asked me about current German political questions and I could not give any nice answers to them.

Surprisingly the afternoon was quite busy. Busier than I thought. I got two tasks to do which I did in around 2 and half hours. When my manager even doubted if I was able to find the document, I told him that I already finished it and hast sent it to him. He gave out a little surprised tone.. and just said something like, oh I was working with my laptop that is why I did not check my e-mail.

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13 August 2009 @ 02:22 pm
There supposed to be the yearly Perseid meteor shower yesterday night. I really wanted to see it... I even told that my bf so we could watch it together at one time (since Japan has only one hour of time zone difference compared to Shanghai), even though we are in 2 different places.
I did not want to give up yesterday even though I know that in Shanghai, even when the sky is clear, it is to bright for stars to appear. And of course the same goes with inner city of Tokyo. However, I just wanted to try out if if you can still see a little bit if you wait long enough. So after I chatted with my boyfriend on skype I went to the big balcony of my dad's mansion, covered with a huge blanked and sad on the floor to wait for the falling stars to appear. And guess what... there weren't any. >.< Since the sun eclipse there has been rain everyday. And of course the sky never actually cleared up in these days. I mean I should have known that it must be impossible to see any.

In the first 10 min, I believed to have seen one till three little, bright stripes striving through the skies. But I was not sure if there were shooting stars or just some weird imagination of me. And then I waited, waited and waited... I think around 30 min, I decided to go inside because I was quite sure that none will appear. Before opening the door, I turned a last time back and suddently I saw a big hole in the middle of the dense black clouds, and a huge, bright star appeared. Then after a couple of seconds a bright, little light dashed by, from north to south, right infront of me. I could not really believe my eyes. There was really a meteor star! *O* I almost cried out! >O< I was so happy I got to see one. And of course just right after that I made a wish. All my sleepiness and tiredness was gone, and I was so touched that even though there was such a thik layer of cloud, this little star still made out of it, brighter as any other shooting star and appeared in front of me. I did not know why I think this weird way... I think maybe just because this little star gave me a hope, that even though there might be obstacles everywhere and your path seems so unclear, there must be somewhere a brighter shine that leads you if you believe in yourself. It was the first time after perhaps 7 or 8 years that I have see a shooting star once again. The last time I saw one was the time when I went to Hungary with a couple of friends during summer, and because its a village, the stars at night were so clear as nothing before. But I think none of those I saw was so beautiful as that I saw yesterday night. Perhaps because there were so many stars at that time in Hungary and a shooting star therefore does not seem so bright and beautiful. But yesterday, even though the sky was bright because of the strong reflection of all the aritificial lights of the city, it was still gray everywhere. Not even the moon could be seen behind the clouds. That was why the only one shooting star seemed so beautiful in that dark sky.

I did not know that stars could be so beautiful... I think if I see the sky of Tokyo or Shanghai, I seriously starts to miss Germany. Because as I could remember, the German skies are always so beautiful... In summer you can just lie on the field and watch stars with your beloved once, and there you don't need any sort of neon lights, flashing electric bulbs or high building, there are stars you can watch. I think I will definetely want to see the leonids meteor shower in November when it is the time. Once in my life, I want to see such a beautiful natural phenomenon.

Here is a photograph of the Perseid meteor shower was taken in 2004. Isn't this absolutely beautiful? Truely the most beautiful thing on earth is still the natural but nothing else.

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06 August 2009 @ 11:12 am
I am really really bored right now! Haha

Right now I am sitting in the office... and am doing absolutely nothing! I have finished the work the manager give me three days ago. The new work I suppose to do from today has not been passed on to me yet, as this guy who is setting next to me and a huuuuuuuuge German fan has been bussy the whole morning. It looks like I would be doing nothing again the whole morning... so I decide to write an entry. I think this time is going to be a long one, as I have quite a lot of time, and I am just going to talk about how I think about love.

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01 August 2009 @ 10:26 pm
I don't know why I actually deserve to be that happy... I just do not know.

Yesterday evening I was lying on the bed of my dad's bedroom, while reading a photoalbum and started crying heavily... my tears could no stop and just ran and ran and ran, on and on... and the only thing in my head was that I wanted to go back to Japan, I want to go back to my family!! Now I am going to tell you how I actually end up like thinking this way...

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26 July 2009 @ 09:04 pm
This is my new happiness:

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19 July 2009 @ 09:41 pm
We are dating...

I confessed to him yesterday and he meant even he does not know what will happen after I return to Germany but for the time what we have, he will be with me. よろしくお願いします

I am so happy... I am so happy that I cannot believe that this is actually true...

I am so sad... I am so sad that I will leave him soon...

This kind of feeling is making me a little bit crazy... But still I am thankful for everything. He has made the 4 months complete, to the best 4 months I have ever experienced in my whole life. And I will be going through the last most wonderful time in the next 10 days.

I am happy for what I have, ... that he is there... to love me.
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12 July 2009 @ 10:37 pm
I think I fell in love...


Ich denke, ich habe mich verliebt...


Je pense que je tombe en amour...

... but it's too late.


... aber es ist zu spät.

... 但已经晚了。

... mais c'est en retard.
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02 July 2009 @ 04:02 pm
Ok I have another 30 min until the next class... so I decided to write lj again.. instead of doing research for my stupid report and presenation that is due to next week... ahhhh (X.X;)

I have calm down with the murder case... ヽ(´ー`)ノ
I mean of course I will have to take care of myself.. but what happens just happens...
I cannot stop me being running over accidently by a car of which the driver fell asleep, or being hit by a lightning during this rain season, or falls falls down the stairs and hit my head, or eventually get the swine influenza or other deadly illnesses.
Being stupid to always worry about those things I should better concentrate how I should spend my last 30 days here in Japan. But right now I cannot think about anything else beside of doing my reports, finishing my presentations and get damned a good grade in the classes!! But it is still like ... "surprise! You have got an A or F" -case. (゚-゚;)←

I think I will just miss everyone here sooo much... Right now I cannot believe that I might not be able to see some of them for the rest of my life after a get on the plane this time. I mean... I do not know when I am going to be back next time... maybe next year, but maybe in 3 years, or 5 years.. or 10 years!! ~~~~~~~~(;ω;)

Even though I try to keep a little distance to them, because I know if I go too close to them it would just be too sad at farewell. But I still want them know that I really really love them very much and that I wish everyone of them all the best for their futures. Even if you cannot imagine.. but the time I have spent here in these 3 months have been so wonderful... I can almost maybe the most wonderful time in my life so far...
Then I ask myself why I just do not stay here.. I mean I can just stay the summer here and reject my internship opporturnity in Shanghai, or come back to Waseda next year for a Master... but I know I cannot do that. Because ever person needs to go on and find his or her own way. Even though happiness and fun is very important in life... but pursuing your profession, using your time to study more and more, seeing the world, expand your boundaries... are all also very very important. And I believe that 4 month are enough for fun and hobbies and I need to return back to what I need and should do.

I really treasure my time and the memory I left here and feel really sad to leave everything here... but I believe that my choice is correct. Perhaps I will come back one day, sooner than I thought, and we will be joint again.

Haha... now I used up 20 min just talking about this shit. Sorry about that guys... ^^;;;

I am getting to class now... it is going to be a hard day!!!!! Fighting!!!

Btw. I forgot my cell phone at my room... you know what is being like without cell phone in Tokyo? It is like... almost clinging aways from the rest of the world... haha.. that is why I am blubbing all these nonsense... XDDDD
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01 July 2009 @ 01:29 am
怖い・・・ (゚-゚;)←



今私なぜ毎日日本にあるような殺人事件書くのか知りたい? 理由は簡単・・・私は毎日その殺された人のアパート近くある道を通るから!!!!





だから今朝その道が全部警察に閉められました・・・黄色いテープを使った、ドラマみたいと思った・・・ヽ(´ー`)ノそして今日11時半ぐらいの帰りはまた普通にその道で通った・・・何も考えずに、あ・・まだ閉まってると思った・・・( ̄ー ̄)

って帰ってきて、寮長さんから殺人事件の話を聞いて、自分もネットで調べって、今自分のことバカだと思っている!!!!!!!本とにバカ!!!(゜゜;;) ← 同じ感じしおりに怒られた・・・ごめん!(>-<;)


マジで怖いな・・・早く犯人を捕まってね!!!それども犯人は早く自分が自首しなさい!!!( ゚艸゚);;;

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22 June 2009 @ 02:15 pm

I am still alive.. I know. I should definetely write more entry, but I sooooo don't have the time to do that! And here is the reason why!

Guess how a typical day during my exchange semester at Waseda looks like:  


6.45 -- Get up with swollen eyes

7.35 -- Breakfast time in WG, I always eat Japanese breakfast with rice and miso instead of western one with bread. Often due to tiredness, however, I messed up the white rice bowl with the red miso one... -.-
Also I always drink one of those horrible tasting coffee in the morning, because or else I cannot stay awake during the morning lectures.

7.55 -- Get out of the house, either walking when it's raining, or ride the bycicle when the weather is good.

8.10 -- Arrive at the nearest station, 西川口駅, and get on the most fullest train you can ever imagine. It does not matter how nice you are dressed in the morning, you always get totally messed up after getting off the train.

9.05 -- Drained in sweat and exhaustion, arriving at Waseda main campus 5 min late. As the teacher normally comes late it is not that bad if you are 5 min late at time.

10.30 -- End of first lecture in the morning while the tiredness reaches almost its peak. If I look around me, I can see at least 30% of the people sleeping on their desks. Run to the next building for the next class.

10.40 -- Start of the next class

12.10 -- End of the morning classes and start of the lunch time. I mostly go down to the Family Mart and buy a little coup soup, a fright chicken and one onigiri. However, I only eat the onigiri at around 6 o'clock pm as or else I will have to until midnight to get the next bit of food.


1.00 -- Start of the 3rd period. Mostly one of the boring ones has started. Due to the lunch I mostly get extremely tired in this period. Especially on Tuesday and Thursday I have this extremely horrible class called Japanese Industry and Economy with an extremely slowly English speaking teacher, giving extremely chaotic slides, to extremely boring subjects with extremely lot amount of work.

2.30 -- End of first afternoon class. TIme to get to the next class

2.45 -- Start of the 4th period which is most of the time Japanese class. The classes are most of the time interessting. There are however quite a lot of tests in those classes for which I always have to prepare. (Note that there are 15 min break in the afternoon class...they just changed it this year.)

4.15 -- End of the 4th period. I don't have a 3rd and 4th period on Monday and don't have a 4th on Thrusday which I use for either sleaping, or writing report.

4.30 -- Start of the 5th period. I only have 5th period on Monday and Thrusday which is Advertising. This class is on one side not that interesting when it comes to theoretical stuff, but when it comes to watching TV advertisements it's quite funny. The female professor is quite kind and nice to use exchange student. The tests however are not that easy.

6.00 -- End of the 5th period. Running over to Student Building,学生公館(学館).

6.20 -- Start of the Summer Musical Practice

9.10 -- End of Musical Pratice for me. Normally the practice goes until 10.00 pm. However as I have my part time job I often have to leave 10 after 9.

9.20 -- Beginning of my part time job as English tutor starts in the nearest caffe of Waseda. I am teaching English to a 27th year old, single Salaryman. The teaching is quite fun, as I learn a lot of Japanese in the same time, also the payment is not bad, 3500 yen for 1.30 hour. The bad side however, it's always starts so late that I mostly have to fight against heavy sleepness after an exhausted day.

10.50 -- End of class and my way back home.

11.40 -- Arriving at home and start to eat dinner. The WG manager is always so kind and leaves one portion of dinner for me even though I always come back so late. Normall the dinner goes until 10.30 - 11.00 pm and it is not allowed to leave dinner for so late. But as the manager is so kind he always do this for me.

0.00 -- End of dinner and get back to room. Get into public shower.

0.30 -- End of shower.

0.45 -- Going to bed time and falls asleep after only a minute.

You see that how a tpical day for me looks like! Crazy what? ^^;;; That is why I do not have anytime for any otther things. However, as I don't have classes on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, I at least have the morning for a little bit more sleep, cleaning, drama watching time. But in the afternoon I normally have circle acvities, as there ballroom dancing on Wednesday and on Saturday, and right now Musical practice every day! So no way for me to rest.

Daily Schedule in Japanese:

多国籍企業論論                   日本語読解 日本語文章表現  
多国籍企業論マーケティング戦略論 経営特学諭マーケティング戦略論 
 Japanese Industry and Economy Japanese Industry and Economy現在保険論 
 映像で日本語学ぶ  日本語文法 
広告論  広告論  
 Musical夏公演練習競技ダンス練習     SERIN Musical
Musical夏公演練習Musical夏公演練習 / 競技ダンス練習
 Musical夏公演練習競技ダンス練習SERIN Musical
Musical夏公演練習Musical夏公演練習 / 競技ダンス練習

This is how it normally looks like in one week. Of course during Wednesday and Sunday I normally either study, grocery shopping, going practice meet friends or something else comes between. Mostly the Tuesday and Thursdays are the hardest ones.

However, I have to say I don't regret at all how I chose my exchage student life here as I use up every free time and really enjoy my time here.

But therefore forgive me not have the time to write here... I really will make it up after going having come back to Germany or so.

See you next time!!!

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