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17 May 2012 @ 06:18 pm
Dear Journal  
Dear Journal,

did you miss me? It has been more than a year now that I am writing here. Crazy how fast time went by. But just let you know, that I have not forgotten you. ^.^
Actually someone hast commented on one of my old translations... and this remembered me that I used to spend so much time here!

While you are still here waiting, my life has went on.
I think it would be funny if I would start reading the old posts here.

I stopped drawing and playing piano. That is very sad as I don't have time for these anymore. University life have been busy in the last five years. However they will stay as my hoppy and I have not given up the hope, however, that someday I will start doing these things again.

I stopped cosplaying and going on conventions. Well this is directly related that I have stopped being a fan. But I would love to visit a convention again... and to see what kind of people there are now, what kind of cosplays they are wearing, what kind of anime and mangas are popular right now.

I started watching Japanese variety shows. Btw. I understand them very well :) They just so great! The producers have so many different ideas and put so much effort into every little details. I also learn a lot from them. Not only Japanese but general knowledge. I have the feeling that the more I watch the smarter I get. The opposite is with German and US TV. I wish they would be half as interesting.

I started cooking a lot. Since I started visiting my boyfriend in Fukuoka. I stay at home a lot. That is when I become a housewife. I clean the house, go shopping and try out different receipes. It is much more fun than I thought. The best feeling is when he comes home hungry and eat my dishes deliciously. Then I think that I have succeed in something. That is the best praise I could get.

I started thinking seriously thinking about what life I really want to live. I believe I used to go with the flow and do what others think could be the best. Actually I am still a little bit like this now. But I really start to question whether that the main stream thinks is the best for me. I start to imagine to do something in the future what really could really makes me happy. This includes a fullfilling career but also marriage, having babies and build a home for my family. I want to become a successful woman. This include both. Actually I don't need to earn so much money but just be happy with what I do. I am satisfied if we don't have financial worries and could grand ourselves a little treat from time to time. But it does not need to be a lot. I just want my family and I to live a happy life. That sounds easy but maybe the biggest challenge one could image... but I will give my best to achieve this! ^.^

Ok... this entry ends up being longer than I thought. I hope you got an idea how I am doing right now and how I have changed.. or not changed. I will come to visit you from time to time and write something.... I guess I can't just leave you behind as I left so much beautiful memories to you. Please treasure them savely. I trust them to you!

Your Han
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ni_hao_world on May 19th, 2012 11:48 pm (UTC)
ハン さん こんにち は。
お元気 です か。
あなた は 私 を しって います か。
私 は クリステイアン です。
ケルン に すんで います。
私 は JAPAN FOUNDATION で 日本語 を べきよしって います。
ハン さん は 日本で たくさん 新 しゃしん を とりました か。
あなた は しゃしん を とったら、 しゃしん を みって ください。
私 は あなた は きれいな 女 の ひと だ と おもいます。
ハン さん てがみ を よんで ください。

また ね